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BRK Electronics® Smoke Detectors, CO Alarms

BRK Electronics® Smoke Detectors, CO Alarms

BRK Electronics was founded by Burke, Roberts, and Kimberline in 1958. By 1967, BRK Electronics marketed the first smoke detector and alarm commercially. Since then, the company has become recognized as one of the leading home safety products producing state-of-the-art smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms. Today, BRK Electronics is the world's largest manufacturer of fire prevention and detection devices.

Among home users and professional contractors alike, BRK Electronics smoke alarms are widely respected for their commitment to safety and durability. These alarms are highly regarded for the innovative detection technology used for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide models.

Designed to be easy to install, maintain, and utilize by homeowners, BRK smoke detectors offer many convenient features. Depending on the model, this can include a silence button, battery compartment locks with pins, latching alarm indicators, and more. Other commonly used features include alarms with redundant battery backup and voice warning alarms.

BRK Electronics alarms are respected by professional installers. The brand regularly updates their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to reflect feedback from fire safety industry leaders. In fact, BRK's motto is "designed by professionals for professionals".

BRK Electronics Authorized Dealer

Westside Wholesale is an authorized distributor of BRK Electronics smoke alarms, detectors, and fire prevention products. These also include innovative products like hearing impaired smoke alarms and heat detectors, which have more specific, yet equally important, uses.

The inventory here at Westside Wholesale includes many variations of these alarms so that our customers can find the products they need. This means that we offer BRK smoke and CO alarms in different electrical arrangement like battery powered and hardwired. We sell both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms, both of which are effective in protecting a home from different types of fires.

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