BRK AF400 First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

BRK AF400 First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

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A fire extinguishing spray that is effective on most common household fires, including fires involving electrical equipment. An internal pouch isolates contents from the propellant so only the contents are released, minimizing flare-ups. Augments 2.5lb. fire extinguisher compliance unit required in some areas for multi-family dwellings.
̴Ìö Easy Clean up - Won't damage appliance or counter surfaces like a traditional ABC fire extinguisher. Reduces maintenance and clean-up costs.

̴Ìö Intuitive to use - Familiar spray can form. No pins to pull or bulky cans to lift.

̴Ìö Perfect for Apartments, Home, Auto and Marine

̴Ìö No Hazmat Fees

̴Ìö 3-Year Limited Warranty
̴Ìö Sensor: N/A

̴Ìö Warranty Claim: 3-Year

̴Ìö Package Type: Can

̴Ìö Color: Red

̴Ìö Battery backup: N/A