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SKU T5B-50/200


Orbit Industries' selection of 5” Square Boxes and Accessories provides the capacity needed to handle modern-day hospital, commercial, government, university and other data installations. Up to 71.8 cubic inches of capacity allow for an easier installation of high-speed cable, resulting in reduced labor costs and cable stress.
- More than double the capacity of standard 4” square boxes
- Increased capacity easily meets minimum bend radius requirements for an easier installation
- Extra space in the box reduces the chance of short circuits and ground faults due to cramped spaces and cable stress
- Can store the BICSI-recommended slack cable loop, allowing for easy access and cable termination by a single technician
- Supports all current copper CAT and fiber optic cables in addition to predicted cable size increases
- Compatible with Orbit's Simple Support Bracket System, Fixed Mounting Brackets (FMB) and Flat Bracket Family for between stud applications
- Suitable brackets allow the T5B to use a 4" ring, reducing material costs
- Cover, Reducer and Partitions available here
Width 5"
Height 5"
Depth 3-1/4"
Cu In 71.8
Material 16 GA Sheet Steel
Mfg. Process Welded
KO Sides (2) 1" to 2" C.K.O.'s, (4) 1/2" & 3/4" C.K.O.'s,
(8) 1/2" K.O.'s
KO Bottom (1) 1/2" & 3/4" M.K.O.'s, (1) 3/4" & 1" M.K.O.'s
(1) 1/2" K.O.'s, (2) Ground Screws